The modern chemical farming systems have created huge health concerns in the farming communities and consumers. The probable negative health impacts of the highly unregulated use of synthetic chemicals in conventional farming systems are very high. Many people, particularly the conscious urban dwellers want to grow their own food free of these hazards. Many consumers even want that someone trusted person/company grow organic food for them. Even many farmers want to tap the high-margin organic food markets but they lack knowledge how to carry on this hectic, complicated, and highly systematic task. DECENT GROWERS, as a company, is a trustworthy partner for all such organic enthusiasts, both farmers and urban dwellers alike.

DECENT GROWERS develops partnership programs with organic growers and consumers and;

  • Provides technical consultancies to grow food organically at homes in kitchen gardens, rooftop gardens, at farmhouses and on farms.
  • Provides complete insights from laying out production plans, production protocols, pest and disease control measures with permissible plant protection inputs (OMRI registered), harvesting, packaging, and transportation protocols that meet organic compliances, developing marketing strategies, and applying for organic certification.


We understand that farming in Pakistan is traditionally carried out without proper planning, vision, marketing intelligence, and outdated technologies. There is great potential to improve our staggering and declining production and increased postharvest losses by switching to visionary production planning, rational use of inputs, modern production technologies, and increased efficiency in harvesting, transportation, and storage conditions and improved value chains. DECENT GROWERS represents a professional setup that intends to develop partnerships with our farmers and big corporations to bring change in the agriculture sector by shifting to advanced farming systems, precision agriculture, improved value chains, and a shift to demand-driven production to tap international markets. We provide technical consultancies and farm management solutions to our farmers and corporations to achieve sustainable commercial farming enterprises.

Integrated Farming Solutions-2


The agriculture in Pakistan faces tremendous challenges due to increased climate risks, market uncertainties, depletion of natural resources, high cost of inputs, and a demand for a diversified and balanced diet. While commercial farming is mostly oriented towards mono-cropping, single enterprise setups, and lack of farming diversity, it cannot sustainably cope with these challenges. There is an increased demand to integrate farming enterprises for climate and market risk reduction, improved resource use efficiency, and sustainable transformation of agricultural systems to withstand the challenges. DECENT GROWERS is aware of the challenges and has great ambitions to improve the resilience of the farming systems by diversifying crop and animal enterprises and integrating different enterprises for better resource use efficiency. We aim to establish integrated farms throughout Pakistan and provide our consultancies beyond the geographical boundaries of Pakistan.


DECENT GROWERS is strongly motivated to promote alternate and sustainable resources of energy in the agriculture sector, not only to reduce the dependence of the sector on expensive and unsustainable energy sources but also to reduce the agriculture sector’s carbon footprint. We strongly believe that switching to alternate energy sources, such as solar and biogas, farmers cannot only improve their financial resilience but also help in reducing GHG emissions from the sector. We have a very competent team in solar and biogas installation, operational management and production projects and can come up with our client’s expectations.


DECENT GROWERS deal in different types of efficient irrigation systems such as drip irrigation systems, sprinkler irrigation, rain guns etc. We install irrigation systems for lawns in houses, farmhouses, parks, playgrounds, and farmer fields. We not only provide surveys, cost estimates, and installation services but also provide after-installation consultancy services for efficient utilization of the system.


DECENT GROWERS is well versed in that our farmers want to come out of the challenges of traditional farm production and marketing. They not only want to produce viably for local markets but also want to catch global markets. Moreover, there are potential investors who want to invest in the agriculture sector but do not know much about the ups and downs of agro-businesses and associated technicalities and complexities. For all such aspiring potential progressive farmers and investors, we provide cutting-edge agro-business consultation and business plan development services. We take agro-businesses as a whole and take care of each and every aspect from planning, resource allocation, production process, post-production aspects, and challenges in every step of production, harvesting, marketing, and export.