We take care of all of our client’s landscape design needs and design stunning landscapes that stand out. We know a beautiful landscape greatly enhances the value of our client’s property and projects. We do landscape designing of homes, farmhouses, business centers, schools, hospitals, playgrounds, parks and other projects. We design every project uniquely and take our personal interest to bring an aspiring and professional design that is unique in itself


We not only design landscapes, we also implement the designs. We take care of each and every aspect of implementation, and source highly economical yet quality inputs ranging from plants and grasses to planters and growing media. We also source or construct the best hardscape features (patios, pergolas, gazebos, walkaways, irrigation infrastructure, fountains, waterfalls, pools, fire pits, landscape lighting, and other custom-built features of premium quality). There is zero tolerance for wasting the precious resources of our clients and we do everything well calculated. Moreover, we also provide post-implementation services and consider it our responsibility to develop and maintain the projects to our client’s satisfaction.


We do not just design and develop landscapes, we also provide maintenance services for landscapes at homes, farmhouses, schools and colleges, hospitals, commercial centers, playgrounds, parks, etc. We provide mowing, weeding, edging, hedging, trimming, pruning, training, and pest control services. Moreover, we develop flowering beds for seasonal garden requirements. Clients can avail our different packages including weekly, fortnightly, and monthly maintenance services at economical rates. We love to have strong relationships with our clients and their satisfaction is our target and utmost pride.


You can often feel bored with your existing landscapes or simply want to modify or add some rich features to the landscape. If it’s the case or the existing landscape is rugged and damaged then you are in the right place, we know how to do it. Just contact us, and we will take care of all your desires and dreams and modify your existing designs to give them a completely new and stunning look.


Green walls are becoming increasingly popular in urbanized environments and provide excellent opportunities for vertical urban gardens. DECENT GROWERS are mastering the world of vertical urban gardens. We provide the best designs, sourcing of materials, construction, and execution of these vertical gardens and help our clients get maximum aesthetic gratification. We build these green walls for both interiors and exteriors of the property of our clients.